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The 6 Points of “ONE”: weConnect’s Unique Solutions Model

The key to our value proposition is our ability to truly streamline your global accounting, payroll, tax, and corporate secretarial compliance, known as “back office compliance”.

Most companies that are looking for global back office compliance services want to work with one provider and receive consistent service across all office locations.

But the reality is that most global providers are associations or networks, including the Big Four accounting firms. That means that each office operates independently in each country. So what you are getting is a global brand, but not a global solution.

At weConnect, we’re different. Our mission is to provide you with the best global solution. How do we do it? We’ve put together a list of the six elements we do differently to make this a reality.

Here are the benefits of our “ONE” concept:

1. ONE Team

When you work with other global providers, you’ll wind up working with different teams in each country that don’t communicate with each other. That means that each time you expand your office to a new location, you’ll have to do training all over again which is a lot of extra work.

When you work with weConnect, you’ll have the same team of experts working on your back office for all of your office locations. This means you’ll train us once and never again for all offices and you’ll receive a streamlined experience no matter which country you need to focus on.

2. ONE Point of Contact

Most global providers don’t have managers who are in charge of multiple locations. That means that if you have an issue with something in, for example, Japan, Thailand, and Korea, you’ll have to have three conversations with three different managers.

Plus, you’ll face issues with too many lines of communication for the day-to-day work; depending on if you want to discuss tax, payroll, HR, labor law, new services, etc., you’ll have to speak to a different person for each topic. The list of people you’ll need to communicate with is vast in just one country, let alone the world.

At weConnect, you have a named single point of contact with the experience and ability to discuss any point about any country at any time.

3. ONE Platform

It is always best to use a native tech experience when working across multiple organizations. So, we go where our clients are, which meant building on Microsoft Teams for global communication and Sharepoint for secure file sharing. We customize the MS Teams and Sharepoint user experience and interface based on our client’s specific needs. This gives us unmatched usability and security in the industry while bringing our team as close to being a part of your team as possible.

Other back office compliance providers build custom redundant platforms for file sharing and communication. This is a nightmare to maintain and secure. Not to mention adoption is low for both customers and internal teams across the world. This extra cost and inefficiency is passed on to you, creating an inconsistent experience, and can lead to errors. Compliance errors are a headache to fix.

At weConnect we prioritize building services, processes, and people that contribute to an error free client experience.

4. ONE System

When you have a global provider engaged to support you with back office compliance in different countries, not all of their offices will know how to use your accounting or ERP system, even if you’re using internationally-recognized software.

You’ll either have to convince each office to learn your accounting software, or you’ll have to compromise by using their local software and having different systems in each location. In most cases, firms are resistant to using clients’ software and will push to use their own.

At weConnect, you choose. We can either use your accounting system or we can use our cloud-based accounting system. We are experts at delivering on your company’s requirements while ensuring local compliance.

5. ONE Process

Another downside to using different kinds of accounting and ERP software with multiple vendors is that you’ll likely receive data and reports in different formats from each office location.

At weConnect, we will implement robust accounting, payroll, and back-office processes including client specificsystem preferences that allows you to control your company on a global scale with less time, energy, and staff from your side.

6. ONE Commercial Experience

When you work with other global providers, your sales experience will be different for each of their offices. You’ll receive different proposal formats, different pricing structures, different terms, and different contracts for each country you need support in.

At weConnect, we have a consistent commercial experience. Our clients enjoy one proposal format, one pricing structure, one set of terms, one commercial executive for new projects, and one contract for all country locations. This enables a streamlined and comprehensive engagement eliminating contract management back and forth saving you time and money.

Ready to be ONE with your global back officecompliance?

Our ONE model will save you time, paperwork, communication, and frustration as you scale your business globally. So whether it’s one country or many, low volume or high volume, one head count or one hundred, we can cover it all. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us here and experience the power of ONE.




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